Bridge The Gap
We equip dental and medical professionals with applicable business knowledge to build confident leadership skills

Bridging the Gap between Clinical Expertise and Operational Excellence

Does this sound familiar?

Do you find bridging the gap between your clinical expertise and the business of managing your clinic a challenging process?

Are you trying to integrate best practices to increase the quality of your service and profits, but don’t know how?

Do you feel that by improving your leadership skills you could better motivate and manage your team?

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip dental and medical professionals with applicable business knowledge to build confident leadership skills, enhance employee engagement and create a positive and cohesive practice culture.
I have worked with over 300 practices and the average results yielded a growth of between 14% by the end of the 1st year, with some as high as 50%, without adding a new provider.

Amy L’Ecuyer, RDH

Amy Lecuyer
Over 25 years in the industry has given me direct insight and experience to the changes, trends and inherent needs with in the dental and medical fields

What they say about Amy

“My team and I enjoyed working with Amy! She has an honest approach with communicating and follows through with what she says she will do. She immediately helped us have more effective morning meetings and was always encouraging and positive.”
General Dentist Lincoln, Nebraska
“I worked with Amy for over 2 years. She helped my team and I improve our communication as a team, have a more efficient schedule, increase our new patients and increase the number of referring offices. Amy has a natural way of connecting with people.”
Dr. Bruce Gopin Periodontist El Paso, Texas
“I’ve known Amy for over 15 years and would highly recommend her. She is dedicated to her clients success, she will go above and beyond and will engage the entire team in a positive way.”
Jamie Norton, RDH Essex, Vermont
“I have been a dental hygienist in the practice where Amy was the consultant. There is much anxiety and dislike when your boss hires a dental consultant. However, Amy is a great listener and down to earth. Her communication is genuine, real and she brings staff together on the same page. When you hire Amy you get someone that has been in the clinical trenches and a wealth of experience of walking practices to success.“
Tanja Shineman, RDH, Phoenix, Arizona
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What we do for you

We provide targeted knowledge and innovative solutions for a sustainable business model. With you, we help create a cohesive practice culture of motivated employees, implementing critical business systems, and defining your vision and goals with an honest approach to results-driven success.
Amy Lecuyer

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How we work together?

Our Full 12-month Consulting Program covers:

Management & Operational

Patient Experience

Leadership & HR