Bridge The Gap

Speaking Topics

Accountability and Implementation? Not my Team!

A win-win approach for purpose-driven implementation and team-centric accountability

“I could tell you were passionate about the topic and very prepared.  I appreciated the fun pictures and pertinent examples, as well as, the practical application tools.”  Chandler, AZ

Bridging the Gap

5 Top Methods for Integrating Clinical Expertise with Operational Excellence

“Amy is well versed and is very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic.  She really knows how to connect with the audience, it was an amazing presentation.  I feel very convicted.”  Queen Creek, AZ

Are You Sabotaging Your Practice Growth?

Identifying Your True Growth Potential Through Immediate and Disciplined Action

“I appreciated the personal passion which naturally drove the presentation and held my attention.  Thank you!” Mesa, AZ

Perception is Reality

Are you Living in a Dream? Discover how to shape your current team into your Dream Team!

“Your examples and visuals were great. Lots of great nuggets of wisdom throughout your presentation.”  Phoenix, AZ

Vision vs. Mission

What is the Difference and Why Do I Need Them?

“Vision is Visualizing a Seemingly Outrageous Desired Outcome, and Taking Intentional Steps to Achieve it.”

Amy L’Ecuyer    

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